Buy a Bale

Our annual Buy a Bale Campaign for 2016 is over, and hay for the winter has arrived!  Thank you to all of our donors, listed below.

2016 hay delivery!

2016 Donors:

  • Mary Hauson,   in memory of Moonshadow.
  • Kelly Best Glerup, for Rosa and her buddies.
  • Gundi Younger, Walnut Creek, CA
  • Colleen Bailey,  Foresthill, CA.  In honor of Quarterhorse, She’s Robin’s Rhapsody (Sadie)
  • Linda Slaughter, Concord, CA
  • Sheri Garcia, Castro Valley, CA.  For the wild horses of Virginia City, NV.
  • Olivia, James Franklin,  Vista, CA
  • Jeanie Esajian, Elk Grove, CA.    In memory of mixed breed dog, Dexter.  Dexter will always be in my heart.  He was  a lovable and loving pooch with enough energy and personality for 10 dogs!  I love  you Dex.  Love, Your Grandma
  • Laura Coutermarsh, Dixon, CA
  • Dr. Cheryl Ramos, Walnut Creek, CA.    Ongoing memory of Cocker Spaniel, Kasey. Owned and loved by Judy and Gil Gillivan.
  • Cindy McAyeal, Loomis, CA
  • Shirley Soto,  Wheatland, CA
  • Laurel Edgecomb, Walnut Creek, CA. In honor of two beloved horses—now passed.
    Cathy Carmada’s, paint Dusty; Jan Morin’s, Morgan Woody.
  • Katie Pennington, Livermore, CA
  • Mary, George Preston, Auburn, CA.  In honor of T.J (Traditional Jazz)  Half Arab/Half Shetland.
  • Chuck and Char Spinks, Auburn, CA. In memory of Horses’ Honor Arabian, Fyre Flame.
  • Owners and clients of Wyvern Farm, Martinez, CA
    Chuck and Liz Lewis
    Jan Bauman
    Rebecca Chandler
    Vicki Von Arx
    Lynn McGourty
    Julie Stuscavage
    Whitney Hischier
    Severe Griffiths
  • Carolyn Gibbs,  Discovery Bay, CA.  In memory of Arabian GM Scheherazade.
  • Gary Nagasaki, Newcastle, CA
  • Kelly Bast, Washington State
  • Michael Brandon, Grass Valley, CA
  • Judy Scholz, Walnut Creek, CA
  • Judy Scholz and Judy Gillivan, Walnut Creek, CA.  In memory of Cathy Camada’s paint gelding Dusty.  Dusty was Cathy’s first horse, and was deeply loved.
  • Jeanie Ingram, Elk Grove, CA
  • Debra Duffer, Penn Valley, CA
  • Nona Belous, Castro Valley, CA.   In honor of Arabian, Saqr el Joy.
  • Amy Mezey, Berkeley, CA
  • Diana and William Pryor, New Harmony, UT.   In memory of Arab, Harry.
  • Elizabeth Hudson, George Doddington, Walnut Creek, CA
  • Lisa Breuner, Pleasanton, CA.   In honor of Alphonse “Jim” Coltrane.
  • Robert Pacuinas, Sacramento, CA.  In honor of Rhodesian Ridgeback, Cooper.
  • Bob Marx, Summit Ranch, Alamo, CA.   In memory of Arab, “Monty.”  Together, Monty and I rode on 9 Tevis Cup 100 mile endurance rides.
  • Stephanie Roundy, Ione, CA
  • Lucky Acres, Walnut Creek, CA
  • Clyde and Mary Grace Davidson
  • Matthew Gary, Carmichael, CA
  • Stacy Zwergel, Concord, CA
  • Kelly Bast Glerup, University Place. WA
  • Barbara and Loren Fitzwater, Grass Valley, CA. From Argo and Chief Fitzwater.
  • Virginia Santos, Pleasanton, CA
  • Sue Stack, Newcastle, CA. In memory of Mary Paolini-Fischer.
  • Cynthia Kulas, Meadow Vista, CA
  • Lucille Potter, Auburn, CA
  • Kathy Bennett Loughran, Martinez, CA
  • Linda and Richard Jacke,  Redmond WA.  In memory of Loren Simpson.
  • Dave Wilson, Brentwood, CA
  • Keller Reed,  Danville, CA
  • Sue Dirlam,  San Leandro, CA
  • Pam Meador-Cardin,  Concord, CA
  • Margaret Mathis,  Pleasanton, CA
  • Georgeanne Beseech,  Moraga, CA
  • Barbara Fitzwater,  Grass Valley, CA.  From Argo and Chief Fitzwater.
  • Virginia Santos,  Pleasanton,  CA
  • Susan McNeil.   Thank you for supporting and helping these beautiful animals!
  • Karen Peel, Orinda, CA
  • Linda Wuy, El Sobrante, CA
  • Ray McAllister, Walnut Creek, CA
  • Kathie Long,  Piedmont, CA.   In memory of Icelandic Horse, Hnisa.  Hnisa was such a fun and very beautiful Icelandic Horse!  She will always be in our hearts.
  • Carolyn Vane, Castro Valley, CA
  • Bonnie McLaverty,  Walnut Creek, CA
  • Carol Turanin,  Danville, CA
  • Elizabeth Sanders,  Walnut Creek, CA
  • Arline Patten,  Santa Rosa, CA.   In memory of Daphne, a special cat.  Luckily, I was able to adopt her after she was  rescued by Tony Larusa’s Animal Foundation.  She was to be euthanized.  Soon as I  saw her, while volunteering at ARF, I had to have her.  Such a spunky little girl.  I miss her.
  • Dr. Robert Kaplan,  Orinda, CA
  • Monica Wooldridge,  Concord, CA
  • Nancy Bartman,  Walnut Creek, CA
  • Maggie Carroll,  Walnut Creek, CA
  • Gary and Julie Bush,  Placerville, CA
  • Jan Deming,  Oakland, CA
  • Bonnie Walker-Forslin,  Granite Bay, CA
  • Ida Veidins,  Antioch, CA
  • Anonymous.  In honor of Warmblood, Calvin.
  • Elaine Feinstein, Las Vegas, NV. In honor of Bulldog, Li’l Fireplug.
  • Barbara White,  Scotts Valley, CA.  In memory of Arabian, Heisman.
  • Lori Wolfe,  Foresthill, CA.   In honor of Mutt, Shadow.
  • Vicky Nuetzel, Walnut Creek, CA
  • Ann Giordano, Lincoln, CA
  • Marla Ware, Fullerton, CA
  • Kelly Glerup, University Place, Washington.     For Rosa.  Thanks for accepting her (Amanda Greco’s Mom).
  • Shirley Telep, Rancho Cordova, CA
  • Sallysue Stein, Auburn, CA
  • Jennifer Airo,  Carmichael, CA
  • Melody Sorensen,  Concord, CA
  • Jill Owens,  Livermore, CA
  • Kimberly Griffin,  Palo Alto, CA
  • Mary Shiseler,  Oakland, CA
  • Lori Carbonaro,  San Leandro, CA.   In memory of Ranger, the best horse a kid could have.
  • Joanne Ciazinski,  Danville, CA
  • Pam Garrels,  Dublin, CA
  • Patti Sterling,  Los Angeles, CA. Please accept this donation in the memory of my mother, Margery Hogan of Danville (Hogan’s Arabians).
  • Susan Masters, Ariat International Inc. Union City, CA
  • Stephanie Diaz, San Francisco, CA
  • Alan Pickering-Walte, Castro Valley, CA
  • Susan Sninsky, Orinda, CA
  • Laurie Gage,  Paso Robles, CA
  • Susan Palo,  Berkeley, CA
  • Robert Ellis
  • Brenda Neal De La Ossa,  Walnut Creek, CA
  • Linda Lanzoni,  Grass Valley, CA. In memory of Morgan Shiner.
  • Creeky Routson,  Walnut Creek, CA
  • Laurel Edgecomb,  Walnut Creek, CA.  In memory of Vember, my 4 year old Morgan, who was put down.
  • Amanda Halperin and Devin Singer,  Walnut Creek, CA. In honor of Judy and Gil Gillivan’s wedding gift to Amanda Halperin and Devin Singer.
  • Jerry Rascal,  San Jose, CA
  • Shannon McClenaghan
  • Martha Dewitt,  Pleasanton, CA
  • Beth Van Wicklin, Foresthill, CA.  In memory of Ragdoll cat, Mocha (nearly 21) and Grey Tabby Rowdy, brother to Rocky.   Mocha was my precious long-haired, blue eyed rag doll (like a fluffy Siamese). I had prayed for and named him before he ever came into my life.  When he became ill with kidney failure,  I brought him home to love him “to the end”….and I truly did, my lips on his soft head to his last breath.  July, 2016.
  • Melanie Van Petten, Oakland, CA.  In honor of Quarter Horse, Bella.