Palm Sunday & Fyre Flame

Palm Sunday passed in April, 2017
Fyre Flame was humanely euthanized in June, 2016, due to cancer.

Palm Sunday and Fyre Flame arrived at Horses’ Honor in January 2010– two chestnut mares PS-FFof good breeding. They had been at a temporary rescue for a month, but were still underweight.

The owner of the mares loved his small herd of eleven Arabians. However, medical issues kept him from giving them the care they needed. Sometimes he remembered to feed them, and sometimes he didn’t. There had been no vet or farrier care for some time. Finally, others–including horse lovers and Diablo Arabian Horse Association– stepped in and took the horses off his property. There was talk of euthanasia since the horses were in their teens and early twenties, and none were broke to ride.

Sadly, this is not an unusual story. There are many stories across the nation  of Arabians in desperate need of rescue. The Pharaoh Herd was a lucky group. Arabian horsemen worked together to help place these horses in private homes and sanctuaries. It took some time, but eventually all were placed.

It was discovered that Palm Sunday had already been rescued years earlier from the “kill pens” in Southern California. She was a throwaway because she could not get in foal. It is unclear how she got to Northern California. She and Fyre Flame were strongly bonded. These were the two that made their way to the Horses’ Honor Rescue

When the mares arrived at Horses’ Honor, they were almost afraid to leave the trailer. Fear and confusion registered in their eyes. Within days that look turned to soft and accepting. They knew they were safe. From the beginning, Palm Sunday craved human interaction. As thin as she was, she would leave her food to come and be petted. With Fyre Flame it took a little longer. Today the girls are sleek and fat and thriving–another success story.