cassandra1Such a beautiful horse—such horrific abuse. Of all of the horses at Horses’ Honor she suffered more at the hands of humans than any other—calculated, intentional torture.  Cassandra was a Mexican Rodeo tripping horse.  It’s an illegal sport that many states, including California, have banned—cruelty disguised as culture.  Like cock fighting and dog fighting, it still continues behind closed doors and is still legal in some states.

Horses are run through an arena and roped by the legs and thrown to the ground–the more spectacular the crash, the better.  Many horses, after repeated trippings and broken bones, are then carted off—still alive and crazy with fear.  They are sent to slaughter, traveling hundreds of miles with broken jaws, backs, and legs.

This could have been Cassandra’s fate had she not been rescued by Horses’ Honor where cassandra-2013-09-smshe has had permanent sanctuary since 2003.  She is a serious mare without a frivolous bone in her body. Miraculously Cassandra, who loves being groomed and massaged, has bonded to and learned to trust humans again—in particular Nina Thompson, head of Horses Honor.

The mare lives on five irrigated acres with lush trees and a large pond with her constant companion Indiana Joe—friends in horse paradise.