JOIN THE HORSES’ HONOR TEAM by becoming a Sponsor.  Select one or more of the senior horses listed below, then choose a Sponsorship Level.   Become part of the team by helping Horses’ Honor care for the well-being of the horses. We welcome you to join us today.

Here’s what your sponsorship helps provide:

  • Individualized feed and supplements
  • Regular farrier visits
  • Vaccinations, worming and routine veterinary care
  • Emergency veterinary care

We house a maximum of 25 horses and are almost always at capacity.  Horses’ Honor does NOT adopt out our rescues.  Horses’ Honor is a sanctuary where these elderly or abused horses can live out their lives in peace.  Typical cost per horse per month is about $200.

Sponsorship Options

You will be glad to know that 100% of your donation goes directly to the horses.  We are grateful for donations in any amount.  For monthly donations in the following amounts you will receive:


  • A photo of a horse you are helping
  • An annual update
  • FREE admission to our Annual Benefit & Tack Sale

$100/month or more:

  • A photo of a horse you are helping
  • An annual update
  • FREE admission to our Annual Benefit & Tack Sale
  • An invitation to our Major Sponsors’ Annual BBQ at Horses’ Honor.

THANK YOU for your participation!  We couldn’t care for these horses without YOU!


When in PayPal, be sure to click the box, “Make this a monthly donation.” Then on the confirmation page, list the horse you wish to sponsor in the box, “Add special instructions to the seller.”

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so your contribution is tax deductible. Sponsor one of our horses and help the entire herd.  Your sponsorship supports the direct care of our horses, specifically the purchase of feed, farrier and veterinary services.

Vena, 21 year old Fjord mare.
Star, 16 year old Fjord gelding.
Brushwood, 30 year old Arabian gelding. Completed the Tevis Cup 3 times.
Twiggy, 29 year old Arabian mare. Completed the Tevis 3 times.
Angel, age 20. Grade Quarter Horse.
Tohono, 1/2 Andalusian, age 22.
Ruby, 37 year-old Mustang mare
Beauty 2017Beauty, age 33
Venus 2017Venus, Arabian mare, age 27
Sabrina, mustang mare

Sabrina, mustang mare

Sabrina, mustang mare, age 32
3donksThree donkeys: Cassie, age 34 and her babies: Candy, age 28, and Petey, age 26
Tycho - 23 year-old Arabian.
Cookie, 25 year old Quarter Horse.
cassandra-2013-09-smCassandra – 24, Thoroughbred
Rckie, Oct. 2014

Rckie, Oct. 2014

Rickie – 15, Quarter horse
Dolly – 26, Quarter Horse
Sam – 26, Thoroughbred, former dressage horse with almost severed tongue.
Yazzi – 10, Mustang
Cheryl – 30, Arab bought for $55 at an auction–emaciated.
Cherokee – 18, Mustang
One-Eyed Buddy, Oct. 2014

One-Eyed Buddy, Oct. 2014

One-Eyed Buddy, 16 years old. TB off the track, rescued from slaughter at three years old, skin and bones. Lost eye in accident. Nice guy.
Katy - 26, an Arabian
Perry - 26, an Arabian