Donations In Memory

Horses’ Honor gladly accepts donations in memory of a loved one.  Your donation and the 2016-feb-sunsetperson or animal it honors will be listed here.  Thank you for supporting Horses’ Honor!

Thank you…

In memory of Walter M. Gee

Tara Gee, Loomis, CA
In memory of my father, Walter M. Gee. Dad always loved the horses.  He rode horses, as a child, in China.

In memory of Overlook Veronica

Marguerite Sealbourn, Cool, CA
Overlook Veronica passed away on Dec. 5, 2016, at the age of 32.  She was the beloved
broodmare of Marilyn Hunter, until Marilyn entrusted her to me when she died in 2013!
Veronica was a sweet mare who considered herself the “Alpha” when it came to humans!
She was bonded with Marilyn’s stallion, “Sparkin’ & Courtin’ “ who was also entrusted
to me by Marilyn.  She spent her last weeks standing beside Sparky and enjoying her favorite
horse cookies every day.  Sparky and I will miss her greatly, as will the barn owners, Leslie
and Ron, and her daily caretaker, Jose.  Her three babies by Sparky were her living legacy.

In memory of Loren Simpson:

Patricia Broulllette

In memory of Loren Simpson:

Sidney’s barn friends: Jahi, Julie, Karen, Lauren, Sue & Samada, Menanie & Galen, Lesa, Teri & Felipe, Megan, Micha & Freya.

In memory of Loren Simpson:

Jennifer Dustin
Gil and Judy Gillivan
Joe and Doreen Gonzalez
Carol and Gary Kerbel
Brian and Sarah Scates
Erica Culcago
Bob and Donna Ellis
Russell Roberts