Corporate Donors

Horses’ Honor gratefully acknowledges donations from the following businesses:

Rock Creek Pack Station for the donation of two pack trips to be raffled.

Thank you, W.F. Young, Inc. for the donation of 24 Absorbine fly masks.
We appreciate the Tractor Supply Co. in Auburn, CA for it’s donation of two new saddle pads.

Spalding Fly Predators
“Spalding Fly Predators really work! We have 24 horses on the ranch and nary a fly to be seen. We are surrounded on all sides by livestock yet our animals remain comfortable. We are not using fly masks at all. Many products make great claims, but Spalding delivers. We are diligent when placing our Predators and the results are worth the effort. We at Horses’ Honor Rescue stand firmly behind this fly control method. Why use toxic chemicals to little effect when such a great fly control exists? This is a really good product, it works very well controlling our fly population. As an added benefit we humans can dine outdoors without being harassed by flies. We recommend Spalding Fly Predators!” ~ Sincerely, Nina Thompson, Founder, Horses’ Honor